Dear Sorority Member,

To Select Picture for Recruitment :

(a) find your photos in the Gallery  (b) click on any image to enlarge  (c) select your favorite and click on it to enlarge (d) click on "Comments"  on toolbar above image " (e)  and make comment , such as "Gallery Choice". Please type your name also.

To Order Portraits:

(a) after selecting desired pose, click on "Options and Prices" on toolbar above image.

(b) click on down arrow in pop up window for options

(c) all Pictures will be cropped, centered , color corrected, and photoshopped to remove blemishes and make minor hair corrections

(d) All Packages will be shipped via Priority Mail within 3 weeks

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or comments.

(e) DEADLINE: May 31 to make selection, or we will pick one for you.

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